Wednesday, December 17, 2008

IT'S COLD! We are having some of the coldest weather in a few winters. I think we were right at 0' F. last night; up to 15' today! The snow has piled up and yesterday it was absolutely beautiful out side. There is about 12". The back yard doesn't have a track through it - it is a pure undisturbed blanket of snow. Check out the sunset off Harshaw Road before the storm...
Kate spent three days with us. It's great to have her come and spend time. She made the coolest pillow covers for a friend by adding ribbon and a variety of buttons to a pillow case. Zebra ribbon, zebra buttons and then threw in some turquoise shell buttons of various sizes. really a nice composition.
I am working on a large pastel of a grain elevator. So far so good. It's about half completed.

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