Tuesday, November 17, 2009


the studio open house was a good success the past weekend. We had even a better attendance than last year. The Walla Walla UB did a great article in the Thursday Marquee magazine and I am sure that assisted in getting people in. It was fun to prep for the event. I love to do small paintings...they are a challenge in that you have a small space to say a lot. I did some experimenting with some sort of dark tempestuous skies and I was happy with the results. Several students from my October workshop came over from the Tri Cities and it was fun to have them stop in and find a treasure to take back with them and talk about what they were now painting and techniques.

Bambi Kontos came by and we started visiting about workshops and she has been championing a Walla Walla workshop that I would teach in January. When she sets her mind to something; it is going to happen!!! That's why she is one of the valued, dedicated souls on the Habitat for Humanity team. She can get something done. So...there will be a workshop; exactly where and when - to be determined! But I am betting for January 2010!

Some of us again talked about the painting a day, doing the same painting for 30-100 days (a small, perhaps 10x10 inch piece) using a variety of color combinations...It will happen...

I am anxious to see Carolyn for a couple of weeks when she flies into Portland to spend the holiday with us. I may get her out in the dust of the work space and get her creating in pastel!

Looking forward to the artist opening at Nicholas Cole Cellars December 4th 5-8 pm. Regretfully, the lighting is less than optimal in the evening, but certainly fine during the day. I have toyed with taking a few pieces out so that the light is perfect at all hours...probably more visitors will be there during daylight hours, so will probably leave well enough alone.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2nd annual studio house

My neglected blog...I do have an excuse...but you've heard it...so onward.

We are preparing for the 2nd annual studio open house this weekend. I have been working some long hours creating some small pieces that will make nice holiday gifts (in pastel), putting together some gift baskets - coffee themed with cups, coffee, treats and coasters. We will have some note cards with some new images on them and a few handmade Christmas cards.
I am sure we will get the inevitable person who comes to the door and says "I thought this was a HOLIDAY SALE!" Well, yes ma'am it is...I just don't have any clothes pin Christmas ornaments and knitted pot holders...
So come and enjoy the Studio Open House for what it is...art..
Near the end of October I taught a two day pastel (landscape) workshop at Allied Arts in Richland. It was a good success and the participants came away with good pieces utilizing some new techniques. I am apparently a teacher at heart because it was a good stimulus to make me really get busy and work on some pieces. I guess I revert back to the many years I flew the friendly skies of the world doing medical equipment installations and subsequent teaching staff the operation of the equipment.
So something that I read about...doing a 100 (or even 30) paintings of the same thing, using different color schemes. Small works about 8x10". Intriguing. I talked about that the workshop and think I sparked some interest. I have started. It teaches you something...color, thinking outside the proverbial box...
Last week we also set up the solo show at Nicholas Cole Winery. 12 pieces - mostly new and some fun ones! The artist open will be Dec4 - Friday 5-8. that's barrel tasting weekend in the valley and hopefully lots of traffic!!
A letter came in the mail last Monday from the CM Russell Art Auction in MT...They had accepted a painting of mine for the show and sale. WOW! I was surprised and pretty happy. I am hopeful to go to the event in March.

Ok, back out to the work area and crate something! Happy painting...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

pastel skies in the big sky country

What a better time than the crisp (and I do mean crisp ) days of fall to be out doing some photographs that will eventually be the reference for some paintings! A long weekend and a couple of extra days vacation is in progress in eastern MT visiting Chris, Michelle and Sam and doing lots of photos for future paintings.
There are snow skifts from Butte through to Miles City and the temperatures are a smart 11 degrees in Livingston to 19 in Miles City. We drove to Missoula late Friday night and then on to Miles City on Saturday with stops in Billings and Livingston.
I brought a couple of miniatures and might even get a couple more done for the Art Center show in November in Miles.
I am going Tuesday morning to the Art Center to see the quilt and landscape show and maybe to the Range Rider' Museum. The art center is a unique building being part of the water holding tanks in the early days of MC...it is partially unnderground and some 2-3 foot thick concrete walls...It is great show space!
So, we will be in the big sky country of MT til Wednesday and then back to WW!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pastel Class and ramblings

Lots of activity in my world. Not necessarily in an art related way...but activity! And mostly good as well.
We had Martha and Phil Mollison Cooper visit for a few days the first part of the month and enjoyed their stay as we always do. We went to the Whitman Mission site one afternoon and I renewed my interest, from an artist's perspective, that area, as I stood out on the site of the mission next to the damn that was originally built by the Whitman's. The wild rye grass must be at least 3 feet tall and imagined what that would have been like in the mid 1800's - untouched terrain and that tall grass everywhere.
A couple of new paintings did get completed and I am working on a larger piece now. I am also revising my syllabus for the pastel workshop. The workshop will be Oct 24-5 at Allied Arts of Richland. I am hopeful for a good turnout of students - 4 is the minimum and 12 is the max for the class due to space restrictions. The class will cover various papers and the use of different techniques that I use for pastel paintings. There are a ton of different ways to accomplish something and painting is not an exception! So if you know anyone interested in the workshop, contact the Allied Arts Center in Richland http://www.alliedartsrichland.org/. they have the form and supply list for the class.
Community Bank corp recently purchased 3 different images that we printed for 5 of their banks! thank you Keith and Leah!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

artists and travelers

Summer is coming to a close with the Labor Day weekend - so they say. I think I will still wear my white flip flops and capris though and conform to the "after Labor Day you don't wear white" rule. It shouldn't matter, I believe.
Friends Martha and Phil were here last weekend as they set out on their "FunnyMoon" through the Palouse, up WA 95 enroute to Banf and Jasper and back to Victoria/Vancouver and other points. what a great pair of friends and joy to hang around with. Martha brought a travel diary from a 1971 car trip that she and I did, camping across America. I produced a couple of photos to substantiate her tales! We bought gas for about $3-4 a day, camping fees about $1-2/night and milk somewhere was 61 cents. As she and Phil drove away on their camping trip Monday morning, they will expect to put about $75 in their gas tank once it nears empty.
My good friend Margaret (http://magpies2.blogspot.com) has moved to Germany for a year. She is amazing in the arts and life and I wish her a wonderful year abroad. My hopes are to sneak over and visit sometime before she returns to the US.
Beginning to work on new works for some upcoming shows. Les and Justin are leaving Friday for Montana to take some pieces to Moccasin Mtn Gallery and maybe buzz on over to Miles City to see Chris, Michelle and "No" Sam. I am working on paintings for the Nicholas Cole gallery/winery in Walla Walla for winter barrel tasting and some miniatures for a show in MT in November.
Just watched a netflix documentary "the Hobart Shakespearians". It is a great story of someone who goes beyond the scope of his job and the difference it has made for his students in an inner city LA middle school. Well worth the time to watch it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

pastel artist on a road trip

Glacier Park Mtn. goat, Storm clouds of the cloud burst
Strawberry Hills, Miles City, MT I and II

The end of vacation is always a mixed emotion time - you are a little sad to have a great time end, but by the same token it's great to be back home and ready to face the work week. We had a great time visiting eastern MT and our son and family. I am attaching some photos of the Miles City area...there is this beauty to the sparse hills that are magnificent in their color and shapes.
After we left the kids on Thursday, we headed for Glacier Park. We experienced a first class, you can't see to drive and have to get off the road, cloud burst of a magnitude that I haven't seen for a long time...Les was amazed, never having witnessed a MT cloud burst. Kalispell and Glacier were beautiful. I had forgotten that the mountains are really in full bloom this time of year - how late the season is at 6000 feet. The Going to the Sun hwy is a masterpiece of work. Currently there is some repairs being done which restricted traffic to one lane. A treat it was atop Logan Pass 6000+ ft elevation to see 5 mountain goats - 3 kids and 2 adults.
Next week it's back to the grind...I have a wealth of reference photos new from the trip!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

art and the pastel hills of eastern Montana

Driving from Walla Walla to Miles City, MT is a 13.25 hour trip with minimal stops. Oh lordy are you glad to get out of the car at your destination! But when you are going to see your kids - you just want to "get there" and hang out with them. The drive takes ou through vastly different landscape....the wheat fields of the hills of eastern WA into the Spokane valley and the mountains of northern Idaho to the top of the Continental divide and "welcome to Montana" and down into the beautiful Missoula area, on I-90 through Drummond, Deer Lodge, Butte and Bozeman - some of the most beautiful valleys in the greater Rocky Mountain range. Once you get to Bozeman you head east on 90 through Livingston and basically follow the Yellowstone River valley all the way to MC. There are the wonderful sandstone rims along the river, the dry land wheat and grains and then to the badlands look of parts of eastern MT. I have been taking a bunch of photos - the Strawberry hills east of MC are badland-like, These buttes all together with great colors of strata are a palette to behold. So many colors in the soil and the interestesting shapes of these buttes. There is plenty of erosion as well, making them very interesting landscape.
Our plan on the return to eastern WA hasn't finalized - we will either go up north to MT-2 and across to Glacier or south to Cody and over to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole. Les hasn't been north, so that's probably the route of choice...so if that happens we want to stop in SandPoint and see some of the Art Walk which I believe is hanging now. So Sheila, if you see this...you may get a phone call to come and have coffee in SP!! Probably Saturday :-)....
I am going to the Art Center here today. There are not many galleries here...but there are some very good artists in this area. The art center is a regional center and hosts a variety of shows throughout the year. There is a lot of history in MC...it is well established in western history from the site of an early fort to a destination if not stop on a famous cattle drive trail (I don't remember which). There is a famous saddlery here...the Miles City Saddlery, well known for their hand crafted saddles and leather. There is a new mayor here...an article about him in Montana magazine says that he thinks MC could and will be the "Taos of MT". I can see tht potential...it's a historical site and as I said before some of the most unique and varied landscape.

And the real reason to go to Miles City is to see the kids...They moved here a year ago and we are missing seeing them regularly. I am skipping visiting friends along the way to selfishly spend vacation time with these guys and get to know their surrounds. I miss not having Chris,Michelle and Sam just a couple of hours away, but am happy that they have located in a great spot with friendly folks and the big blue skies. This is one of those "great places to raise a family" places.
.I brought with me, "Going to Summer Pasture" and "Scenic Loop". Thought that Chris should get the painting of his Grandmother moving cattle to the summer pasture and then the Scenic Loop to remind them of the beauty of eastern WA and the surrounds of the Blue Mountains.
I will post some images soon of the trip...I am off to explore the town...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

pastels, passports and driver's license photos

I have procrastinated a little in getting to the DMV for my driver's license renewal and subsequent photo. Over the years I have really never had a photo from the DMV that I was satisfied with. This year's is no disappointment in that arena. Now in the state of WA they request that you remove you corrective lens regardless to the fact that you DRIVE with them on your face so you don't crash into telephone poles and drive over pedestrians. I'm near sighted; I need my glasses to see and when I am photographed without them, I get this pinched look on my face like I am seeking a safe harbor in a fog. well???? I think it might be a nice idea that if one is an artist, you could submit your own rendering of your DL picture. I KNOW I could do better than what I ended up with. My last DL photo represented what I considered a not so good hair cut and I thought I looked like my mother (not that my mother is a bad looking person...it's that I looked middle aged). hmmm. But this new one - now I have only seen the temporary paper version - is a sight...that pinched searching for the light look and still middle aged. Oh, the hair cut is quite chic...my kid the stylist cut it all sort of spiky and cute. I think the DL photos are just meant to not be very flattering. Les had his done the same day and looks sort of mole-ish....never have I seen that expression on his face in 20+ years...MAYBE, the DL just likes to do photos that give the vendors and all who ask for your ID a challenge. Is she really her or is it not...And maybe that's what I really look like!!
Maybe there could be a quick draw at the DMV for those wanting a quality pic! Maybe?
And there is my passport photo that needs to be redone and renewed. Oh my, and I was able to get out of the middle east with THAT photo! Just proves they really hardly look at the photo.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Painting at Wenaha Gallery, Shows and Advice...

visit to Dayton's Wenaha Gallery on Saturday to participate in their Christmas in July event. It's a little unusual to be listening to Christmas carols while standing at an easel in a gallery in 100 degree weather painting! But that what we did. The gallery owners and staff decided to have some fun and do a special day of Christmas in July, inviting three artists to come to the gallery and work on a piece or just "be" there. I set up my easel and painted a couple of small landscapes of the Joseph, OR area that I have been wanting to complete. Although it was pretty warm, we enjoyed the conversations with the other artists and customers coming to the gallery. I had a nice conversation with a couple from the TriCities. Both painted; both want to get into galleries, but it sounds like they have been rejected or have not had any luck at showing their work. Now I have no idea what sort of work they do, but I just have to say this...everyone needs encouragement in their art...we are all busy, busy...but it just doesn't take much time to give some encouragement or direct someone to a show space that might hang their work or be frank and suggest some classes. My words of wisdom were...keep painting...take some classes that interest you and learn some good solid technique and if you feel you have work good enough to show some place, here are some suggestions. I shared that you do have to have some callous because rejection is a big thing in the art world. I never enter a juried show with a pre-conceived idea that I have the "best of show" piece...I shared my recent story of rejection...I had two decent paintings accepted into the NW Pastel Society show in April. It was a good strong show and I was happy that these particular ones were accepted. So another regional show comes along and I think these pieces would be worthy of that show. Well, NEITHER was accepted! So there you go. We had a little chuckle out of it and I took the rejects" home. One has since sold. It's about a subjective opinion for shows and for galleries. Just because a gallery or venue doesn't accept your work is not necessarily that it is poor of quality; maybe it just doesn't fit their style...So I hopefully answered the above couple's pastel questions in a helpful way that encouraged rather than discouraged.
And the two pieces I was working on...they turned out fine. I believe them to be saleable and solid pieces...if they never sell; be watching what's under your Christmas tree :-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

pastels, peacocks and and another day in paradise

It is a sort of paradise here...in it's own way. The weather is wonderful, hot; skies are blue and there is energy throughout the town. This morning started as any other until I heard the deeogees barking like mad dogs. Out in the front yard are two of the three neighborhood peacocks. Then they decided (even with the snarling and barking from within the safe haven of the house) to fly into the front entry that's fenced. These peacocks are vagrants so to speak; owned by no one, but living in the trees somewhere in our subdivision. Mac and Morrie were going nuts and not seeming to bother the birds in the least. Finally they flew on top of the roof....and that caused some concern for the deeogees as well. I pulled all the shades to eliminate some anxiety for the boys and proceeded to get ready for work. Just before I was leaving, I see the birds out on the back patio. I opened the door to "shoo" them away and Morrie exited stage left and initially didn't see the birds. Of course when he did, he chased them and they loudly flew to the neighbors roof. Don't know if the birds will visit again at this rowdy household, but they are quite pretty and fun to see - occasionally. Couldn't find the camera to substantiate my story, however.

Our quick trip to Tacoma for the opening reception for the International Pastel Show was fun. We got there in time to relax in our hotel a bit and then on to the area of the gallery. Found the perfect parking spot in the shade (for the deeogee's comfort) near the gallery and a little restaurant. Our timing was perfect for some happy hour treats and then on to the show. This show was expertly hung and the work was really first class. 63 pieces were in the show. The gallery is wonderful show space and directors most gracious. We spent a couple of hours visiting with friends at the show and enjoying the work. Got up the next morning about 4 and headed back to WW. As promised, with minimal stops were were in town around 9. Whirlwind trip...but...what a good time!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cheat Grass Hills in Tacoma

I am reading my emails over my lunch break today and see one from someone affiliated with the International Pastel show at the American Art Co in Tacoma. Well, I had just dropped off Cheat Grass Hills there on Saturday for the show...The email was an announcement that it has been awarded the "Director's Award" and my presence is expected at the opening Thursday night! Holy cow! That's WAY awesome - 1) that my piece gets an award (I was happy it was included in the show :-/ ) and 2) THAT'S TOMORROW!!! So I have made arrangements to get myself together, work a few hours in the early morning; pick up Les and the deeogee's and head to Tacoma. The goal is to be back at work, reasonably rested; definitely alert Friday by 9. It can happen!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

viruses, pastels, blog sites, life and art

So you know there is a major problem with your computer when you innocently log on and go to one of the major newsy sites like msn.com and immediately upon getting onto the site it disappears and is replaced by rapidly changing pornography sites. Really. Virus. So the computer got shut down and taken to the repair shop, where I hoped they would be able to salvage my programs and not loose my photos and my blog would still be intact. A week later...new system and most everything intact. Seems like the only loss was my Facebook and that may be a blessing in disguise. It seemed to be a little much, but by the same token, a good way to communicate with people.
So onward.
Last weekend we took Cheat Grass Hills to the International Pastel show in Tacoma at the Tacoma Art Company. Beautiful gallery near the convention center, downtown T. Les and the deeogees went along. Mac and Morrie live to go on car trips and they are fun to take. Especially when she are disguised and thought to be "show dogs" by unsuspecting humans we come across. If one were to closely (not even) look at these two, you would know they are not show dogs....show off dogs maybe.
I am being a little lazy in the painting arena. I have work now at the Wenaha Gallery for the Christmas in July show this month. And at the Whitman Hotel for month long shows.
I will be in Dayton on the 25th for their festivities for Christmas in July and most likely painting on site. I am working on some miniatures for a Montana show later this year. It's a challenge to make a quality painting in 25 square inches or less.
Back to the Tacoma Art Co...their last show was a quilt show...now I have seen some beautiful quilts, but the ones in that show were incredible. They are on the Art Co's web site. I see the wonderful quilt art that my friend Sheila does in Idaho and thought of her work as I was looking at the work in the Art Co.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

yard sale weekend in WW - old paintings and drawings & a WW wine

So what do you do with old paintings and drawings? Hopefully one's skill level has grown and your current work is a vast improvement of what you did 15+ years ago! So some of these old paintings aren't half bad...maybe not half good...:-) but someone once told you that was a nice piece. So, I have procrastinated for about a month at doing a yard sale. The goal was to do a yard sale to alleviate the need for a rental unit. Ok...so we eliminated the storage unit the end of May and have been gradually getting things in order for the yard sale. This weekend was "d" Day. And so the yard sale was done. We managed to get rid of a lot of stuff. So the old paintings came out and were sitting around...prices were very reasonable and 4 larger ones sold. And they were decent paintings. Now I still have a about 8 left that are framed in nice metal frames and I am wondering...what to do with the rest. Most are watercolors...I could do some collage with some, could enhance some with pastel...I am open to thoughts of others...
We just hung a little show at the Marcus Whitman Hotel. They have opened a nice gift shop area with local high end wines, jewelry, books...nice things. Wall space is available to invited artists and I was asked. I have 9 pieces there...mostly in the 9x12" image size; a couple slightly larger. They look nice there mixed with the beautiful handmade jewelry items and more.
Back to the yard sale...Some things left will go to needy; some tossed.
But what the yard sale did was allow me to get rid of "stuff" like some old desks that I had cluttering a work room for crafts and other non-dusty art form endeavors. So it will be considered a successful sale...even if I still have some old art...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Nights

Monday was a little rainy and cold until later in the afternoon when the sun came out and warmed the earth. Just in time for M'Lisse's annual party. This solsice event is one I never want to miss. You leave your men and your panyhose at home and gather at her lovely home and yard for an evening of reflecting, seeing old friends and meeting new. It is always a treat to see who shows up at party. She always has a new theme for the event - this year - "Change" - bring your change, decide to made a change, go thru the change, don't change something good, etc. The :change" benefitted the HelpLine and the YWCA shelter. I added to the change with some clothes and toiletries as did most. We wrote the usual cards to ourselves to be opened next year; something we wouldn't change and something we would change. We ate fresh raspberries and ice cream, had some wine and sparkling water and made smores and visited. All the time she put into the event...thank you...So I wouldn't want to change my sense of humor, but I have a few things I can change - for the better :-)
There's no art today and maybe for the week...the Yard Sale/Art Sale is a commitment for the weekend...I am changing...some of my clutter will go :-) !!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


As promised, the day is a little rainy and cool. We have the pleasure to celebrate Father's Day honoring Les and letting him be the kind ogt he hill for the day and reflect on my dad who has passed some 20 years ago... Les, Kate and I enjoyed a breakfast at the Stone Hut (one of the best WW breakfast spots) and then a little drive in the country and a visit to Hastings. Justin came over early afternoon and will stay for dinner. Les and Justin are enjoying some TV sports and relaxation for the afternoon. Kate and I are about ready to make a chicken artichoke and mushroom baked dish and top it off with strawberries and cake. Klicker strawberries are fresh now and there are none better.
Not much art stuff happening today...however...next weekend is the "SALE"....yard sale, art sale...good prices on framed and unframed originals - watercolor and pastels, monoprints, giclee prints...some old and some new...It will be Sat/Sun June 27-8th starting at 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Emails will go out....as well as notice in UB...may hae some unused art supplies as well. I am toying with getting rid of some watercolor paper - Arches - because I just don't use a whole lot of it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Art and Pastels and Father's Day weekend

It's a beautiful weekend thus far in Wallyworld...I am waiting to visit with Raphael when she comes to pick up some new pieces for her walls in her restaurant in Pendleton. If there is an opportunity for a wonderful evening meal on a journey to/thru Pendleton....Raphael's is a must. Chef Rob does an all star menu and lots of good things. They are on 4th St, just off Court. Rob does a lot of dishes with huckleberries including Huckleberry martinis and daquiries...Raphael is, and has been a long time volunteer and support of the Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts. Anyway, Raphael hangs my art along with some fabulous Native American contemporary artists - one being James Lavadour...The restaurant is in the old Raley house and it is a treat to just go there to see what the Hoffman's have done with the property...wonderfully rich painted walls, fireplaces, large dining spaces, small dining spaces, quaint bar area with lots of personality...all wonderfully appointed with both their collection of art and art for sale. Check out her web site and be sure to have dinner there sometime...you will be pleased you did!
So Raphael took some larger pieces...and they will look good in her business. There's A Place, The Walla Walla at Pepper Bridge, a small Bennington Trail and 3 from plein aire painting in the Joseph area - one was a juror's win for the plein aire event last year..."Oregon Water"
The rest of the day I am devoting to the love of my life, celebrating Father's day weekend...No list of chores for Les this weekend, just doing what he wants to do...I bet there is fishing involved...some drives in the country for sure...

Friday, June 19, 2009

pastel artist notes for the day

I have had a great time visiting with daughterinlaw Michelle and grandson Sam while they were in town for a month long visit. Sam has gotten to spend time with his goofy grandma B who makes weird noises for him and rough houses with him. Can't wait for him to get into an art phase..:-). So they leave today for Miles City, meeting Chris (dad) somewhere in MT for the rest of the trip home. Grandma P is driving them to a rendezvous point in Butte.
I am looking around my living room, which has taken the look, once again of a storage room for an artist. I am going to do an art sale along with the yard sale the last weekend of the month. I brought out from the archives of the basement some older pastels and some watercolors...some framed some not. bargains, I tell you!
Kelly's Gallery on Main will be the site for a show sometime in September - I am guessing it will be the weekend after Labor Day...Also I will have art at the Christmas in July show at Wenaha in Dayton. I will be on site July 25. And some small works will go into the Marcus Whitman shop during the month of July. They currently have a couple of paintings hanging for sale along with note cards...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

pastel art in these times in Walla Walla

quick draw painting
afternoon storm Joseph

the view from Buckhorn Overlook
June 13 and a beautiful day in WW...I had the pleasure to sit for nearly 2 hours and visit with Sheila about art, quilting, shows, exhibits, etc. I am a big fan of her work...check it out on her blog "Idaho Beauty..." - the link is on my blog...We manged to get in the Saturday afternoon lunch line at Merchants and have a tasty lunch they are known for.
As promised I wanted to talk about the trip to Joseph last week...Because Kelly's Gallery (a must stop for art/collectibles, etc) really wants "local" paintings, I decided to spend a good amount of time photographing the area...Les and the deeogi's and I took the time to drive to the Buckhorn Overlook - road 46 north and east of Joseph and Enterprise about 40 miles. The overlook gives you the view of the confluence of the Hell's Canyon and Imnaha canyons in their rugged glory. I did one plen aire piece not far from there with the canyons in the distance. It is beautiful country. Also stopped numerous places throughout the Zumwalt Prairie to snap photos...watching a big rain storm travel around the Wallowa Mountains and then come to meet us across the prairie. It poured and I am only thankful to be on a good solid gravel road that at times was nothing more than a river of water. Once we got to the blacktop, it was even more relaxing to be on an even more solid ground, as the rain continued for sometime. The colors on the prairie were quite striking with the wold flowers blooming and the velvety green from all the rains. Took another short drive east of Joseph and did a quick little painting of some cows grazing in tall grass. This is the time of year this valley is incredible in color. It's almost too intense.
We met M'Lisse and Charlie and Dan and Lorie one night for dinner at Caldera's. It's a favorite spot for a nice dinner and to browse through their art pieces for sale.
Joseph is a wonderful place to explore small shops with great merchandise. Beecrowbee is one of those. They make the best lotions and potions around. To Zion is another great shop for all your wants in the jewelry line...great prices and very cool stuff.

Monday, June 8, 2009

art, art and more art

I have neglected this blog for a time...not for lack of interest, just a lot of things going on. BUT...this past weekend (starting on last Thursday, actually) Les, the deogees (dogs) and I went down to Joseph for the Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts. It's the 4th year we have gone and it's always a wonderful gettaway. This art show is growing every year and this was proof in the number of entries, visitors, etc. There was an added feature this year - a quick draw on Saturday night. Huge success! I have lots of inspirational photos to work from of Wallowa County. Spent a lot of time out in sunshine painting in the field. The two plen aire pieces were taken by Kelly's Gallery on Main to hang along with 8 other pieces of mine. Later, I will recall the 4 days of adventure in the blog; hopefully with some photos and maybe as early as this evening!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

walla walla artist on the loose

Saturday, sunny, balloons floating over the house in the early morning, making the dogs crazy - apparently afraid of some alien invasion happening in their world. 2nd day of Balloon Stampede and lots of balloons were able to fly. Morrie really is frightened by the "whooshing noise" - but tolerates as long as he is held. Mac is pretty "whatever" to the whole scene. Similar reactions to fireworks.
We left the house about 9 and went to the farmer's market. WOW! what a difference a year makes...so many new vendors! Lots of stuff! Met my friend Sandy Lizut and we talked art, education, print making and book making over a WW Sweet Onion sausage dog. Nice to connect. Visited with my friend and vendor Antoinette and picked up some of her really good hummus, berries and breads.
Now it's back to the basement and the rest of the clearing of the desks,etc in preparation of the yard sale next weeekend. And it is my full attempt to get a little painting in on this fine weekend. I really wanted to just spend a bunch of time visiting garden centers and focus on new plants and landscaping....but the yard sale HAS to happen!
I just looked at an artist's site and blog from NE Oregon...Katherine Treffinger...really nice things...I am going to add her blog site t0 my list...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

pastel art walla walla miniatures

I promised images of the miniatures...each is less than 4x6 inches. I painted these on the Wallis paper which is the really toothy pastel paper...my favorite, because it will hold a ton of pigment! Not only that, but it is a good rigid surface without working on a board. Great for blending.
I am working on pieces for the Joseph show...not a thing to show yet...Looking forward to the journey there anf 4 day stay. We stay at a guest house out in the county. It's a house/barn divided by a laundry room and tack room. It is a wonderful little 1 bedroom accommodation and the owners welcome Mac and Morrie.
Les and I are working diligently on a yard sale. Wow! Another good weekend of prep and we should be ready for the sale the weekend of the 16th!
I am getting the yen to do some jewelry. I am loving all the great southwest chunky turquoise and silver pieces I am seeing and I have some starter material....hmmm.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

walla walla art pastel

Wow, the weekend came and went in a hurry. I didn't use much of my creative skills today unless getting things orgnzied for a yard sale fit that bill! The good thing is I have been spending time in my studio going thru a lot of stuff and accumulation. I had yet to go t hru my Mom's stuff that I have had sitting in boxes for the past 3 years.
I found some really great penand ink renditions by Ben Burnett. They were mostly Christmas cards that my Mom had saved, but also some from his monthly cartoon in a magazine. He did these really interesting cartoonish drawings - always animals, usually horses and cattle and there was always some wry humor associated. I have not decided what to do with them...whether to put them in a scrap book format or what. Something collectable for a former MT kid. His drawings I think, are his alter ego when there is a guy on a horse in them...I see a resemblance to Ben anyway, in the drawings!
I did not take anything to the show in Pendleton for the month of May. There was a little overlap with the Joseph show, so just decided to focus on Joseph and not get in a dither and have to ask someone to pick stuff up at Pendleton when I'm in Joseph, etc.
Think I will take CheatGrass Hills to the Joseph show...don't know what else.
Spent last evening and dinner with Jeff and Judy Schlicher. Jeff brewed up some really god Manhattens along with his pasta carbonera and spinach salad. We cheated and picked up dessert at La Patisserie. Effortless, but worthwhile!
Richeson Co has started manufacturing new pastels...They are reputed to soft and compared to Unison. Dakota Arts is offering them with a special price, so may have to give them a test drive!
Make it a great week...I will post the last 4 miniatures early inthe week.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

state of the art in Walla Walla

I have been neglectful in my blog - but I have my excuses :-)!
A week ago the showdogs Mac and Morrie and I drove to Bellingham, met the bf - aka Les there. He had been in Blaine for the week at the Spring Conference for WA Realtors. I drove up so we could attend the Blue Horse Gallery opening for the Northwest Pastel Society show. My two pieces looked fine and dandy amongst 125 really good paintings. Interested parties can go to http://www.nwps.org/ and see some of the pieces. It was a great gallery space. The weather was wonderful and we were in the Skagit valley in time to see the tulips in bloom. What a sight to see acres of color! We really viewed the fields on the fly...it is pretty congested with visitors and we just wanted to get out and be in the green and sort of sunny NW! Drove Whidbey Island on the way back to Seattle.
I hung new work at Whitman Cellars last week - Fields of Green...8 pieces there in their tasting room...Also got a call from Ceil Blaine who now is managing the 1928 gift shop at the Marcus Whitman Hotel. She asked if I would bring work there in July and I agreed. Did take her some note cards and two smaller paintings to introduce "Upcoming shows". As one might guess, if you know Ceil...she has her expert twist on this little space with really wonderful items. And she has an espresso set up and makes superb coffees! It's a must stop for WW visits and outings. And you can wander thru the beautiful restored hotel lobbies as well!

It's Spring Release for the wine industry...Oh,and it is raining hard today...was hoping it would be sunny and warm...But there is some fun in walking in the rain in and out of tasting rooms, having a great time with friends. Kate and I will maybe go out tomorrow for a little while and see how we fare!
I finished some miniature paintings this past week. I have not decided if they will go into 4x6 frames unmatted or 8x10 matted. image size is about 4x6. Also finished another image of Scenic Loop.
My focus now is the show in Joseph 5-7 June and working on a commissioned piece.
One more thing...I am working with the social worker for the local cancer center to offer art classes to people who are patients and want to learn or work on a particular medium. M'Lisse Moerk, Laurie Borer, CarlyRae Hiphauf have expressed interest in doing some classes. I think it will be a rewarding endeavor and look forward to getting it off the ground - providing an outlet for people experiencing a difficult time in their lives.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Walla Walla Weekend

The sun is shining and you can tell spring is happening with blooms beginning and allergies coming to life! Not complaining after the long winter, however.
Les and I worked on rematting and framing a large piece that had some pretty big waves in the paper. Sometimes the coated paper is pretty wavy and when we originally matted it, didn't get it stretched enough....so today we did with the assistance of some tacky, archival glue. I like to work on the Art Spectrum coated paper, but have notice some of the largest cuts come wrinkled...so I like to hand pick those sheets. I do think the tacky glue around the periphery of the painting and mounting it on the foam core will keep it pretty flat, however.
Will start a new one of the Bennington Lake area tomorrow...I think. I also need to be working on a body of work to take to Kelly's in Joseph in June.
I had a great email from Sheila of IdahoBeauty today. I will see her on her journey to or from western OR in June. Looking forward to seeing her.
I got my submissions emailed this morning for the International Pastel Show...I submitted the "River Dance" as one, "Cheat Grass Hills" as the other and the one "To Summer Pasture" of my Mother on Jackpot moving cows and calves up the hill thru the gate to the summer pasture. It's an image in an earlier blog.
Looking forward to packing up the show dogs Mac and Morrie and driving to Bellingham to meet Les and go to the NPS Juried Show and then back to Seattle to goof around next weekend. They are good travel companions; listen well, don't need much, no arguing about what CD is playing or my singing. :-). Who knows...maybe they will be mistaken again for show dogs! That happened at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane...someone commented that these two must be show dogs. Are they kidding, we thought! Not our schnoodle and poodle....they are not quite that well pedigreed. But since someone thought it; we now call them "the show dogs."

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Allied Arts artist reception and juror's awards was a well attended event. There is a telltale sign that a piece is receiving an award - a small discrete nail below your piece of art. As the awards are given, the plaques are placed on the nail for the appropriate award. Cheat Grass Hills was nailed. It was down to the last two awards before it's award would be known. The Juror's Gold Award was given to it. The last award, Best of Show went to an incredibly stunning abstract piece that I was immediately drawn to when I looked through the gallery prior the awards. That would have been my choice as well for BOS. Were we pleased for "Hills"??? Absolutely! It is one of my favorites that I have done.
I am working on new work; finished one on Sunday. We will have work at the Feast of WW on Saturday as well as our opening at Le Chateau. Will take cards and some prints to Feast as well as originals. I am working on some small pieces for that show as well...
Another exciting item...I will be working with Barbara Bates from the St. Mary Cancer Center to provide some variety of art classes to patients who desire to explore different art medias. CarlyRae Hiphauf has agreed to do some classes and I have other artists on my radar that might want to get involved. Strictly voluntary; a means to get in a whole different zone than thinking about their health and serious issues. This will probably commence in June. We have been fortunate to receive some donations of supplies from Dakota Arts, Walla Walla University and maybe Whitman College. This is all about making a difference for someone - even a tiny one...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

We are going to the artist's reception today at Allied Arts in Richland. Cheat Grass Hills is in this show....so we are wondering if it will be awarded any juror's award....suspense!!!
Since March 22....Both "Light Show" and "Scenic Loop Road" were accepted into the Northwest Pastel Society show. Opening for that is April 24 in Bellingham at the Blue Horse Gallery. I will meet Les there since he has a meeting in Blain for a couple of days preceeding that. So, I think Mac and Morrie and I will hop in the Prius early Friday morning and prepare to drive for 7 or so hours. Then meeting Marcia in Seattle to go to Amy's production in Bellevue on Saturday.
Some new pieces of work are completed, but not photographed. Maybe tomorrow that can be accomplished.
We hung the Le Chateau Winery show Wednesday and the opening for that is the 11th - 2to 4 p.m. Also that day is the Feast of WW and 4 artists are showing in the tent at first and main...Diana Schmidt, Todd Telander, me and ??? Les will do the honors of manning that spot while I go to Winery.
Idalee and I met and talked about the design and the story line to "Sleeping Beauty Overslept" - the Dance Center production May 17th. The attached image is a result. It was so fun to do that...makes me want to illustrate kid's books.
The other image is a new piece - about 4-4.5 feet wide of the Walla Walla River. It is hanging at the Le Chateau show.
We are off to TriCities to the Allied Arts show!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

prints and pastels and art for the good of the order

Dianna Woolley, Sandy Lizet and I treked down to Mission, OR again today for the 2nd round of Frank's print making workshop. It was a great experience and everyone there seemed to be happy with the prints they made. Great info! I brought home some prints I am quite satisfied with. I will photograph them and put them on the blog at a later date. There are some that still are have some wet ink on them, but should be dry by tomorrow.
My next project is the poster design for the spring dance recital "Sleeping Beauty"...I have some ideas to start the project. It is always a pleasure to do a show bill for Idalee...no one gets into the story as she does. I love the sparkle she gets in her eyes as she talks about and lets me listen to the music and the costumes! The show is mid May at Cordiner Hall and will be worth the price of a ticket for certain!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

An amazing day was spent at Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts in Mission, OR learning from a master printer - Frank Janzen. It was nonstop til about 4. Printing with oil based inks on fabulous presses and papers. I managed a couple of sort of abstract monotypes of "Yellowstone Buffalo"...reds symbolic of the Yellowstone fires; buffalo in the water, waiting it out. And another black and white one of a guy and his child on a trail by the creek. Tomorrow is promised chine colle technique and I am SO excited to learn that. There is a spectacular exhibit of native American litho and monotypes at the Institute in the gallery, too.
Images coming soon to this site!
Oh by the way...if you click on VIEW THE IMAGES on the previous entry...you can see the sllide show from Flickr...All the latest images up to last week.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cheat Grass Hills was accepted into the Juried show at Allied Arts of Richland. That show hangs the month of April there. The weekend was a productive painting weekend. I finished a couple of pieces that I had been working on. Les was the framing master. Now I am working on pieces to take to the Joseph show in June and the La Chateau show for April and May in Walla Walla.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have submitted a couple of images to Allied Arts for their Juried Art Show...we'll see if the juror opts for any to be included in the show!
I submitted Cheat Grass Hills and The River at Pepper Bridge...
I am working on shows for 2009. So far I have a solo show at La Chateau Winery. They are a new winery at airport complex in Walla Walla. They occupy the old home of Clay in Motion across the road from the airport terminal. It is wonderful bright space. Expect to see a few large pieces in the show! The show is open for the months of April and May. We will probably due the artist reception right around the time of spring release, the first part of May.
I will participate in the Joseph Festival of Arts first weekend in June. It is a large show and exhibits some really good art, both 2 and 3D.
There will be new work at Whitman Cellars soon. Changing out wintery/fall paintings for some with the greens of spring! I am a residence artist there and always have 5-6 pieces hanging. Thank you Sally, Larry, John, et al.
I just picked up a small set of the pan pastels. I haven't stuck my paws in them yet, but they look amazing. The set came with all these sponges and applicators. It's almost like a cosmetic counter with lush colors of eyeshadow. Once I try some, I will let it be known how they seem.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It was a productive weekend! Two paintings to post...One has been sitting waiting for some touch up for a few weeks. The painting I did this weekend is of a local road that heads up into the mountains...this is the beginnings of a beautiful drive. The other painting is "Heading to Summer Pasture". I have wanted to paint this for a long time. The painting is of my Mom riding "Jackpot" moving some of the cows and calves to a summer pasture. And anyone who knows cows...knows that when the grass is fresh and green and full of flavor in the spring, to get those animals moving is a chore....they want to graze and enjoy the feed along the way...Her neighbor is sitting on his horse along the horizon and along the fence to make sure all the "pairs" get through the gate into the new pasture. My Mom was a rancher and probably one of the best horsewomen I knew. She was a pro and I am happy to say that I am pleased with how this painting evolved. Only she deserved to see herself in art!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lewistown, Mt
Main St.Creekside in
OR check out the book "The NEW Creative Artist" by Nita Leland. It is a great source of inspiration and makes you thin outside your comfy little box. I have long been an admirer of hers and this book is a great asset to you library.
It's a cold and gray day in Walla Walla; not the promised sunny and 50. But with some good CD's and a cozy work space, one can create and never feel the damp, bone chill of the outside.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

As a quick followup to the Hospice fund raiser onthe 7th...it was a big success and ever much as in previous years...a heartwarming note in the economic times of today. My piece was a the top selling piece of art for the event. It always does my heart good to have a grand sale at such an event for a stellar cause.
I have committed to a show at LaChateau Winery for the months of April and May, 2009. We are working on an artist's reception date and are leaning toward the weekend of Spring Wine Release - first part of May.
Images of painting are now online at Etsy.com for selling giclee prints and on greetingcarduniverse.com for selling greeting cards. You can access my store by my name. GCU is very interesting - card buyers can access this website, chose an image and create a card for less than $3. A nice 5x7 card. Check out the sites. Etsy is an artsy site where lots of stores/artists sell their wares.
Soon the daily paintings will start again...they may be sketches some days; pastels another!

Friday, February 6, 2009

There are always fund raisers that are asking for art for their auctions. One that I will nearly always give a piece of art to for auction is the Hospice fundraiser in Walla Walla. It happens in February and this year's event is scheduled for tomorrow night at the Whitman. This organization does wonderful things for families and they deserve what we can give to the cause. Here's hoping for a ever successful event! I will see you there!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The begining of February...for me it is sort of the turning point from winter to spring...after all the days are lengthening (yea!) and there it is a little warmer. Maybe I am grasping at straws, but what the heck.
I am working on a couple of pieces. Finishing touchs on "The Gate to Summer Pasture" and "Save the Last Dance". "Save..." will be my donation to the Hospice of Walla Walla fund raising event. next weekend. I am working on plans for some show pieces for this year as well.

Just in the negotiations for a show at La Chateau Winery. Wonderful wall space that will show my work well. I am excited about the space.

It is sad for me that Luscious By Nature is closing. They were a fabulous dining spot and they graciously showed my work two times this year with good sales. They were the kindest people to work with and wish them well with new ventures. Daman made the BEST drinks, ever...

Have Kate home recuperating after surgery. She is doing good, but 3 abdominal surgeries in 3 months is major, laproscopic or not. She goes back to school March 1...hopefully well and full of energy once again.

February should be filled with activity around here...Hospice fundraiser, then Little Theater is doing "On Golden Pond" with our friend Jeff in a lead role. Planning a little trip to Portland with Kate as well.

I am excited to have registered for a monotype workshop at Crow's Shadow Institute in March. I am looking forward to learning something from Frank as he is my hero when it comes to monotypes...love his stuff.

FaceBook is a spot to keep track of my whereabouts as well...It has grown quite large, starting as a way to get photos easily of my kids in MT...lot of friends on that as well....

Friday, January 16, 2009

We just returned from more than a week at the Oregon coast. It was a great time to visit with stormy seas to watch from a safe distance and hunker down and do some reading...recommend "My Life With Bees" and the Wallace Stegner books. I did some sketching, but nothing of great significance.
I am starting a piece for the Hospice Fund Raiser. I usually give a painting to them for the "Night of Elegance" being an organization that does so much for so many.
My Etsy store is open online. A few prints are listed and a couple of originals. It is time consuming to load each item, so I need to put things for sale in there gradually...and see how well they sell.
Be looking at the blog for new work later next week.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!
Wow! the snow had all disappeared til early this morning and then it started coming down again and was strikingly familiar the big snow a couple of weeks ago.
New paintings...shown above.
The NW Pastel Society has their prospectus published on their website for the members show...suggestions of "Step out of your box" and do something out of the ordinary for the show. hmmmm...
I am working on a representational piece from a photo of my Mom and her neighbor moving cows to summer pasture. It is an interesting shot as the cows are meandering and eating their way up this hill thru this high posted gate that was a signature of her neighbors fence lines. My mom is sort of in the midst of these cows and calves, gently urging them to greener pastures for the summer. I will put it up on the blog when I am finished with it.
One of the pieces I just finished was of the Walla Walla River near Saviah Cellars. The river has a nice flow to it at the bridge on Pepper Bridge Road, and when I was at the winery for barrel tasting this year, I stopped and shot a few images of the river then. So I finished one based on a shot taken at that time. Then after the snow came and once it was safe enough to travel, I went back to this spot and shot some more images. There is some great potential with a couple of these newer shots with the hint of snow and a late afternoon glow to the brush and trees.
Once again...Happy New Year!