Saturday, June 20, 2009

Art and Pastels and Father's Day weekend

It's a beautiful weekend thus far in Wallyworld...I am waiting to visit with Raphael when she comes to pick up some new pieces for her walls in her restaurant in Pendleton. If there is an opportunity for a wonderful evening meal on a journey to/thru Pendleton....Raphael's is a must. Chef Rob does an all star menu and lots of good things. They are on 4th St, just off Court. Rob does a lot of dishes with huckleberries including Huckleberry martinis and daquiries...Raphael is, and has been a long time volunteer and support of the Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts. Anyway, Raphael hangs my art along with some fabulous Native American contemporary artists - one being James Lavadour...The restaurant is in the old Raley house and it is a treat to just go there to see what the Hoffman's have done with the property...wonderfully rich painted walls, fireplaces, large dining spaces, small dining spaces, quaint bar area with lots of personality...all wonderfully appointed with both their collection of art and art for sale. Check out her web site and be sure to have dinner there will be pleased you did!
So Raphael took some larger pieces...and they will look good in her business. There's A Place, The Walla Walla at Pepper Bridge, a small Bennington Trail and 3 from plein aire painting in the Joseph area - one was a juror's win for the plein aire event last year..."Oregon Water"
The rest of the day I am devoting to the love of my life, celebrating Father's day weekend...No list of chores for Les this weekend, just doing what he wants to do...I bet there is fishing involved...some drives in the country for sure...


  1. Bonnie, I'm very impressed with that quick draw painting. Just posted "our" portion of my travelogue on my blog. Must say that chocolate you gave me had me thumping my foot and rolling my eyes it was so good. vbg In fact, it was so rich, I ate it over two days! Thanks so much. As for the fabric postcard, er, don't hold your breath...I have yet to unpack and do anything in the studio. The one downside of a long vacation - takes me forever to get back to normal life.


  2. I get it...I have these "to do piles" and things I have been meaning to get done all around me!
    Getting ready for my yard/art sale this weekend.
    I enjoyed the lunch we had at Merchants and the time to visit. Sometime youi need to meet my friend M'Lisse Moerk...a quilter and artist...she does wonderful things with found objects, gourds, paper, fabric, etc.
    keep blogging! B

  3. It's a time I'm down your way, expand my circle of artistic acquaintances!