Sunday, June 28, 2009

yard sale weekend in WW - old paintings and drawings & a WW wine

So what do you do with old paintings and drawings? Hopefully one's skill level has grown and your current work is a vast improvement of what you did 15+ years ago! So some of these old paintings aren't half bad...maybe not half good...:-) but someone once told you that was a nice piece. So, I have procrastinated for about a month at doing a yard sale. The goal was to do a yard sale to alleviate the need for a rental unit. we eliminated the storage unit the end of May and have been gradually getting things in order for the yard sale. This weekend was "d" Day. And so the yard sale was done. We managed to get rid of a lot of stuff. So the old paintings came out and were sitting around...prices were very reasonable and 4 larger ones sold. And they were decent paintings. Now I still have a about 8 left that are framed in nice metal frames and I am wondering...what to do with the rest. Most are watercolors...I could do some collage with some, could enhance some with pastel...I am open to thoughts of others...
We just hung a little show at the Marcus Whitman Hotel. They have opened a nice gift shop area with local high end wines, jewelry, books...nice things. Wall space is available to invited artists and I was asked. I have 9 pieces there...mostly in the 9x12" image size; a couple slightly larger. They look nice there mixed with the beautiful handmade jewelry items and more.
Back to the yard sale...Some things left will go to needy; some tossed.
But what the yard sale did was allow me to get rid of "stuff" like some old desks that I had cluttering a work room for crafts and other non-dusty art form endeavors. So it will be considered a successful sale...even if I still have some old art...

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