Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Nights

Monday was a little rainy and cold until later in the afternoon when the sun came out and warmed the earth. Just in time for M'Lisse's annual party. This solsice event is one I never want to miss. You leave your men and your panyhose at home and gather at her lovely home and yard for an evening of reflecting, seeing old friends and meeting new. It is always a treat to see who shows up at party. She always has a new theme for the event - this year - "Change" - bring your change, decide to made a change, go thru the change, don't change something good, etc. The :change" benefitted the HelpLine and the YWCA shelter. I added to the change with some clothes and toiletries as did most. We wrote the usual cards to ourselves to be opened next year; something we wouldn't change and something we would change. We ate fresh raspberries and ice cream, had some wine and sparkling water and made smores and visited. All the time she put into the event...thank you...So I wouldn't want to change my sense of humor, but I have a few things I can change - for the better :-)
There's no art today and maybe for the week...the Yard Sale/Art Sale is a commitment for the weekend...I am changing...some of my clutter will go :-) !!!

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