Friday, June 19, 2009

pastel artist notes for the day

I have had a great time visiting with daughterinlaw Michelle and grandson Sam while they were in town for a month long visit. Sam has gotten to spend time with his goofy grandma B who makes weird noises for him and rough houses with him. Can't wait for him to get into an art phase..:-). So they leave today for Miles City, meeting Chris (dad) somewhere in MT for the rest of the trip home. Grandma P is driving them to a rendezvous point in Butte.
I am looking around my living room, which has taken the look, once again of a storage room for an artist. I am going to do an art sale along with the yard sale the last weekend of the month. I brought out from the archives of the basement some older pastels and some watercolors...some framed some not. bargains, I tell you!
Kelly's Gallery on Main will be the site for a show sometime in September - I am guessing it will be the weekend after Labor Day...Also I will have art at the Christmas in July show at Wenaha in Dayton. I will be on site July 25. And some small works will go into the Marcus Whitman shop during the month of July. They currently have a couple of paintings hanging for sale along with note cards...

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