Thursday, April 16, 2009

pastels and more

I am thinking that perhaps spring is really going to happen in Walla Walla this year! It has been a cold, unpredictable year thus far with snow at the beginning of April!
The show at Le Chateau Winery is up; the reception on the 11th with a great turn out. Angela, who manages the winery tasting room is wonderful to work with hanging shows. She does a nice job of advertising the openings, etc.
I recently was surfing the web and came across a quote relating to my work from a show in 2008 at the Waterbrook Winery. I did some research and tracked it back to a quilter from Idaho - a quilter who does amazing art quilts. Check out Idahobeauty on my list of blogs that I follow.
New work...another of the Walla Walla River called River Dance....the river in late fall, after some snow as the last light of day reflects on the water.
A goold email today from Kelly from Kelly's on Main Gallery in Joseph, OR wanting more work which I will happily get to her when I go to Joseph for the Festival of Art there in June. That is a great show to attend. There is so much quality art that comes to Joseph for 3 days. All the energy those folks have to put on a fun and quality event!
It's late; I'm tired...maybe I can be profound in another blog!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Bonnie! I am loving seeing all these new works of yours, reminding me of the beauty around Walla Walla. At least, it's beautiful when YOU paint it! LOL