Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Walla Walla Weekend

The sun is shining and you can tell spring is happening with blooms beginning and allergies coming to life! Not complaining after the long winter, however.
Les and I worked on rematting and framing a large piece that had some pretty big waves in the paper. Sometimes the coated paper is pretty wavy and when we originally matted it, didn't get it stretched today we did with the assistance of some tacky, archival glue. I like to work on the Art Spectrum coated paper, but have notice some of the largest cuts come I like to hand pick those sheets. I do think the tacky glue around the periphery of the painting and mounting it on the foam core will keep it pretty flat, however.
Will start a new one of the Bennington Lake area tomorrow...I think. I also need to be working on a body of work to take to Kelly's in Joseph in June.
I had a great email from Sheila of IdahoBeauty today. I will see her on her journey to or from western OR in June. Looking forward to seeing her.
I got my submissions emailed this morning for the International Pastel Show...I submitted the "River Dance" as one, "Cheat Grass Hills" as the other and the one "To Summer Pasture" of my Mother on Jackpot moving cows and calves up the hill thru the gate to the summer pasture. It's an image in an earlier blog.
Looking forward to packing up the show dogs Mac and Morrie and driving to Bellingham to meet Les and go to the NPS Juried Show and then back to Seattle to goof around next weekend. They are good travel companions; listen well, don't need much, no arguing about what CD is playing or my singing. :-). Who knows...maybe they will be mistaken again for show dogs! That happened at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane...someone commented that these two must be show dogs. Are they kidding, we thought! Not our schnoodle and poodle....they are not quite that well pedigreed. But since someone thought it; we now call them "the show dogs."

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