Sunday, April 5, 2009

We are going to the artist's reception today at Allied Arts in Richland. Cheat Grass Hills is in this we are wondering if it will be awarded any juror's award....suspense!!!
Since March 22....Both "Light Show" and "Scenic Loop Road" were accepted into the Northwest Pastel Society show. Opening for that is April 24 in Bellingham at the Blue Horse Gallery. I will meet Les there since he has a meeting in Blain for a couple of days preceeding that. So, I think Mac and Morrie and I will hop in the Prius early Friday morning and prepare to drive for 7 or so hours. Then meeting Marcia in Seattle to go to Amy's production in Bellevue on Saturday.
Some new pieces of work are completed, but not photographed. Maybe tomorrow that can be accomplished.
We hung the Le Chateau Winery show Wednesday and the opening for that is the 11th - 2to 4 p.m. Also that day is the Feast of WW and 4 artists are showing in the tent at first and main...Diana Schmidt, Todd Telander, me and ??? Les will do the honors of manning that spot while I go to Winery.
Idalee and I met and talked about the design and the story line to "Sleeping Beauty Overslept" - the Dance Center production May 17th. The attached image is a result. It was so fun to do that...makes me want to illustrate kid's books.
The other image is a new piece - about 4-4.5 feet wide of the Walla Walla River. It is hanging at the Le Chateau show.
We are off to TriCities to the Allied Arts show!

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