Sunday, March 22, 2009

prints and pastels and art for the good of the order

Dianna Woolley, Sandy Lizet and I treked down to Mission, OR again today for the 2nd round of Frank's print making workshop. It was a great experience and everyone there seemed to be happy with the prints they made. Great info! I brought home some prints I am quite satisfied with. I will photograph them and put them on the blog at a later date. There are some that still are have some wet ink on them, but should be dry by tomorrow.
My next project is the poster design for the spring dance recital "Sleeping Beauty"...I have some ideas to start the project. It is always a pleasure to do a show bill for one gets into the story as she does. I love the sparkle she gets in her eyes as she talks about and lets me listen to the music and the costumes! The show is mid May at Cordiner Hall and will be worth the price of a ticket for certain!

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  1. I concur with your enthusiastic remarks about the weekend at Crow's Shadow. It was indeed an inspirational venue with artists and ink galore! I needed a heavy-duty wax paraffin manicure after the workshop - I find that even with care, it is a messy medium. It was fun to participate though and I have even greater respect for Master Printmakers (such as Frank Janzen) and the amazing work they produce with ink!!