Saturday, May 9, 2009

walla walla artist on the loose

Saturday, sunny, balloons floating over the house in the early morning, making the dogs crazy - apparently afraid of some alien invasion happening in their world. 2nd day of Balloon Stampede and lots of balloons were able to fly. Morrie really is frightened by the "whooshing noise" - but tolerates as long as he is held. Mac is pretty "whatever" to the whole scene. Similar reactions to fireworks.
We left the house about 9 and went to the farmer's market. WOW! what a difference a year many new vendors! Lots of stuff! Met my friend Sandy Lizut and we talked art, education, print making and book making over a WW Sweet Onion sausage dog. Nice to connect. Visited with my friend and vendor Antoinette and picked up some of her really good hummus, berries and breads.
Now it's back to the basement and the rest of the clearing of the desks,etc in preparation of the yard sale next weeekend. And it is my full attempt to get a little painting in on this fine weekend. I really wanted to just spend a bunch of time visiting garden centers and focus on new plants and landscaping....but the yard sale HAS to happen!
I just looked at an artist's site and blog from NE Oregon...Katherine Treffinger...really nice things...I am going to add her blog site t0 my list...

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