Sunday, May 3, 2009

walla walla art pastel

Wow, the weekend came and went in a hurry. I didn't use much of my creative skills today unless getting things orgnzied for a yard sale fit that bill! The good thing is I have been spending time in my studio going thru a lot of stuff and accumulation. I had yet to go t hru my Mom's stuff that I have had sitting in boxes for the past 3 years.
I found some really great penand ink renditions by Ben Burnett. They were mostly Christmas cards that my Mom had saved, but also some from his monthly cartoon in a magazine. He did these really interesting cartoonish drawings - always animals, usually horses and cattle and there was always some wry humor associated. I have not decided what to do with them...whether to put them in a scrap book format or what. Something collectable for a former MT kid. His drawings I think, are his alter ego when there is a guy on a horse in them...I see a resemblance to Ben anyway, in the drawings!
I did not take anything to the show in Pendleton for the month of May. There was a little overlap with the Joseph show, so just decided to focus on Joseph and not get in a dither and have to ask someone to pick stuff up at Pendleton when I'm in Joseph, etc.
Think I will take CheatGrass Hills to the Joseph show...don't know what else.
Spent last evening and dinner with Jeff and Judy Schlicher. Jeff brewed up some really god Manhattens along with his pasta carbonera and spinach salad. We cheated and picked up dessert at La Patisserie. Effortless, but worthwhile!
Richeson Co has started manufacturing new pastels...They are reputed to soft and compared to Unison. Dakota Arts is offering them with a special price, so may have to give them a test drive!
Make it a great week...I will post the last 4 miniatures early inthe week.

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