Tuesday, May 5, 2009

pastel art walla walla miniatures

I promised images of the miniatures...each is less than 4x6 inches. I painted these on the Wallis paper which is the really toothy pastel paper...my favorite, because it will hold a ton of pigment! Not only that, but it is a good rigid surface without working on a board. Great for blending.
I am working on pieces for the Joseph show...not a thing to show yet...Looking forward to the journey there anf 4 day stay. We stay at a guest house out in the county. It's a house/barn divided by a laundry room and tack room. It is a wonderful little 1 bedroom accommodation and the owners welcome Mac and Morrie.
Les and I are working diligently on a yard sale. Wow! Another good weekend of prep and we should be ready for the sale the weekend of the 16th!
I am getting the yen to do some jewelry. I am loving all the great southwest chunky turquoise and silver pieces I am seeing and I have some starter material....hmmm.

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