Tuesday, July 28, 2009

pastels, passports and driver's license photos

I have procrastinated a little in getting to the DMV for my driver's license renewal and subsequent photo. Over the years I have really never had a photo from the DMV that I was satisfied with. This year's is no disappointment in that arena. Now in the state of WA they request that you remove you corrective lens regardless to the fact that you DRIVE with them on your face so you don't crash into telephone poles and drive over pedestrians. I'm near sighted; I need my glasses to see and when I am photographed without them, I get this pinched look on my face like I am seeking a safe harbor in a fog. well???? I think it might be a nice idea that if one is an artist, you could submit your own rendering of your DL picture. I KNOW I could do better than what I ended up with. My last DL photo represented what I considered a not so good hair cut and I thought I looked like my mother (not that my mother is a bad looking person...it's that I looked middle aged). hmmm. But this new one - now I have only seen the temporary paper version - is a sight...that pinched searching for the light look and still middle aged. Oh, the hair cut is quite chic...my kid the stylist cut it all sort of spiky and cute. I think the DL photos are just meant to not be very flattering. Les had his done the same day and looks sort of mole-ish....never have I seen that expression on his face in 20+ years...MAYBE, the DL just likes to do photos that give the vendors and all who ask for your ID a challenge. Is she really her or is it not...And maybe that's what I really look like!!
Maybe there could be a quick draw at the DMV for those wanting a quality pic! Maybe?
And there is my passport photo that needs to be redone and renewed. Oh my, and I was able to get out of the middle east with THAT photo! Just proves they really hardly look at the photo.

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