Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cheat Grass Hills in Tacoma

I am reading my emails over my lunch break today and see one from someone affiliated with the International Pastel show at the American Art Co in Tacoma. Well, I had just dropped off Cheat Grass Hills there on Saturday for the show...The email was an announcement that it has been awarded the "Director's Award" and my presence is expected at the opening Thursday night! Holy cow! That's WAY awesome - 1) that my piece gets an award (I was happy it was included in the show :-/ ) and 2) THAT'S TOMORROW!!! So I have made arrangements to get myself together, work a few hours in the early morning; pick up Les and the deeogee's and head to Tacoma. The goal is to be back at work, reasonably rested; definitely alert Friday by 9. It can happen!

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