Tuesday, July 21, 2009

pastels, peacocks and and another day in paradise

It is a sort of paradise here...in it's own way. The weather is wonderful, hot; skies are blue and there is energy throughout the town. This morning started as any other until I heard the deeogees barking like mad dogs. Out in the front yard are two of the three neighborhood peacocks. Then they decided (even with the snarling and barking from within the safe haven of the house) to fly into the front entry that's fenced. These peacocks are vagrants so to speak; owned by no one, but living in the trees somewhere in our subdivision. Mac and Morrie were going nuts and not seeming to bother the birds in the least. Finally they flew on top of the roof....and that caused some concern for the deeogees as well. I pulled all the shades to eliminate some anxiety for the boys and proceeded to get ready for work. Just before I was leaving, I see the birds out on the back patio. I opened the door to "shoo" them away and Morrie exited stage left and initially didn't see the birds. Of course when he did, he chased them and they loudly flew to the neighbors roof. Don't know if the birds will visit again at this rowdy household, but they are quite pretty and fun to see - occasionally. Couldn't find the camera to substantiate my story, however.

Our quick trip to Tacoma for the opening reception for the International Pastel Show was fun. We got there in time to relax in our hotel a bit and then on to the area of the gallery. Found the perfect parking spot in the shade (for the deeogee's comfort) near the gallery and a little restaurant. Our timing was perfect for some happy hour treats and then on to the show. This show was expertly hung and the work was really first class. 63 pieces were in the show. The gallery is wonderful show space and directors most gracious. We spent a couple of hours visiting with friends at the show and enjoying the work. Got up the next morning about 4 and headed back to WW. As promised, with minimal stops were were in town around 9. Whirlwind trip...but...what a good time!

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