Sunday, September 6, 2009

artists and travelers

Summer is coming to a close with the Labor Day weekend - so they say. I think I will still wear my white flip flops and capris though and conform to the "after Labor Day you don't wear white" rule. It shouldn't matter, I believe.
Friends Martha and Phil were here last weekend as they set out on their "FunnyMoon" through the Palouse, up WA 95 enroute to Banf and Jasper and back to Victoria/Vancouver and other points. what a great pair of friends and joy to hang around with. Martha brought a travel diary from a 1971 car trip that she and I did, camping across America. I produced a couple of photos to substantiate her tales! We bought gas for about $3-4 a day, camping fees about $1-2/night and milk somewhere was 61 cents. As she and Phil drove away on their camping trip Monday morning, they will expect to put about $75 in their gas tank once it nears empty.
My good friend Margaret ( has moved to Germany for a year. She is amazing in the arts and life and I wish her a wonderful year abroad. My hopes are to sneak over and visit sometime before she returns to the US.
Beginning to work on new works for some upcoming shows. Les and Justin are leaving Friday for Montana to take some pieces to Moccasin Mtn Gallery and maybe buzz on over to Miles City to see Chris, Michelle and "No" Sam. I am working on paintings for the Nicholas Cole gallery/winery in Walla Walla for winter barrel tasting and some miniatures for a show in MT in November.
Just watched a netflix documentary "the Hobart Shakespearians". It is a great story of someone who goes beyond the scope of his job and the difference it has made for his students in an inner city LA middle school. Well worth the time to watch it.

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