Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pastel Class and ramblings

Lots of activity in my world. Not necessarily in an art related way...but activity! And mostly good as well.
We had Martha and Phil Mollison Cooper visit for a few days the first part of the month and enjoyed their stay as we always do. We went to the Whitman Mission site one afternoon and I renewed my interest, from an artist's perspective, that area, as I stood out on the site of the mission next to the damn that was originally built by the Whitman's. The wild rye grass must be at least 3 feet tall and imagined what that would have been like in the mid 1800's - untouched terrain and that tall grass everywhere.
A couple of new paintings did get completed and I am working on a larger piece now. I am also revising my syllabus for the pastel workshop. The workshop will be Oct 24-5 at Allied Arts of Richland. I am hopeful for a good turnout of students - 4 is the minimum and 12 is the max for the class due to space restrictions. The class will cover various papers and the use of different techniques that I use for pastel paintings. There are a ton of different ways to accomplish something and painting is not an exception! So if you know anyone interested in the workshop, contact the Allied Arts Center in Richland they have the form and supply list for the class.
Community Bank corp recently purchased 3 different images that we printed for 5 of their banks! thank you Keith and Leah!

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