Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sandpoint Inspiration...

I was lucky enough to get accepted as one of the artists for the ArtWalk event in Sandpoint, ID.  ArtWalk there means that you have a show at one of the downtown venues for a month during the summer.  I was assigned space in the beautiful Sandpoint Financial Center which is the home to Panhandle State Bank, IMFC,  Tango Cafe' etc.  The building is designed to show art with a cable hanging system and great lighting.  The photos above include the set up and then a shot of some of the paintings hanging for the show.   I was assigned also a volunteer from the Pend Orielle Arts Council who would hang the show.  I don't know if I lucked out, but had the great pleasure to meet and work with Carol Deaner who absolutely made me feel welcome and privileged to be there.  She had a team of volunteers working with her and in a matter of minutes had mine and another artist's work hanging.  You can tell she is experienced; she looked at all the work leaning against the wall and started moving them around in the order she thought they should hang and it was right on...expertly done!   She introduced me to collectors and would have thought she was managing a well established gallery as she  was busy making her artists feel comfortable as well as bringing in clients.  WHAT A PLEASUREPOAC has a real gem in Carol!! 
The Sandpoint area is really beautiful and is certainly a destination for lots of folks.  The lake is beautiful any time of day as well as the surrounding areas.  The little painting posted today is a result of the visit.  There is so much to look at; the mountains, the fields, the lakes, river, etc.  The town is small, but so many fun shops to visit, a farmer's market, great cafes.
So, if you get the opportunity to visit Sandpoint, do.  The 2 ArtWalks happen back to back and there are lots of other events in the area.  I have work there until July 25th.  Then I will put some work in the POAC show "Aquatics" that will be at the Power House Building where the POAC resides and their art shows decorate the walls of this fabulous old building.
So, my message is this...respect and appreciate a good venue and the volunteers or employees of that venue.  when you hang work at a lot of different places, and one is outstanding to work with, it makes you feel good just to be there!  I have that a some places that I have work and I do appreciate my gallery owners and managers and employees....they sell YOU!  They have the gift of selling and promoting and as an artist; I need that!!  So my hat goes off to my favorite galleries and what they do...Kelly's Gallery on Main, Moccasin Mountain Gallery, Wenaha Gallery, POAC, Allied all are wonderful to work with!  Simply....thank you.
Sadly saying goodbye to Raphaels in Pendleton as they close after 25 years; but wishing them the best in their next adventure and looking forward to their promise to be back and open again in 5-ish years!!!  You were great!!!
Happy painting...


  1. So glad you had such a positive experience. Everything you say about POAC and Carol is so true. These people up here are great to the art community. So glad you'll be back!

    And I love your pics, especially the evening one over the lake, plus your new little painting. Lots more inspiration up here, ya know...

  2. Your life and work, art, and adventures sure sound like fun! I really like the new small painting posted here with the others of Sandpoint. I would love to go there and see this! I live about 60 miles south of Reno, just 20 min. from Lake Tahoe, and the Sierras', on a Black Angus Cattle ranch that is real old, but nice. I live with the son, who is the only son left, and is 5th generation on this ranch.. He never married, and we are about the same age, myself am divorced. We have been together 18 years so far. Its a great place to paint from!!! Thanks for following my blog---an artist like your self makes me feel very special!! Thanks.

  3. Sheila and Ida, thank you for the comments.
    Sandpoint is a lovely spot.

  4. I saw your comment over on Ida's blog and had to come and take a look. Your pastel paintings are tremendous. Enjoyed spending some time here looking around. Liked the livestock marker paintings.... may have to try that myself! You have so much to say with losts of good info.

    My wife is a big time stamper and cardmaker, there is a link on my blog for her site.

    Enjoyed "talking at you" LOL