Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It is good after having a major failure/melt down to have something come off the easel that you can feel ok about.  I always challenge myself with water.  It is one of those things that if I start to battle with it; nothing works.  Waterfalls are fun  and I have taken several reference photos of huge falls and small ones like this.  The other challenge with something like this one is the rocks.  You can put a lot of different colors in rocks because there are!  I finished some of these with a quick wisp of a metallic gold.  I don't think the photo does it justice; it makes them really come to life (if you can make a rock do that, that is!) and look dimensional.
I posted "The Creek" on my Facebook "Like" page and my friend Idalee who is the best ballet instructor around says "where is that?  I need to take my dancers there for a photo shoot."  Oh, oh...this one is basically in my brain - which is what I told her and said, I just didn't think her dancers would all fit in there!  I had gotten to inspiration (as I told her) from sitting in front of my daughter's doctor's office waiting for her to finish an appointment.  It's a newer southwest style architectural designed building with a nicely landscaped front including a pond, waterfall, rocks and vegetation.  But I think there are places like this on the Walla Walla River and it's tributaries or Blue Creek or Mill Creek and probably would have plenty of room for all the dancers!!
I like to leave a painting hanging on the board for a few days after I deem it finished.  Then keep giving it the eye every time I walk by it and make sure there is nothing I am dissatisfied with.  It's  much easier to change something before it is matted and framed, than after the fact!.  If there is some that I can't put my finger on as to which about the work is not setting right, I will take it and hold it in front of a mirror and look at the image in the mirror.  If there is a major problem, you will typically see it!
So with that bit of info, I leave you to go do some sketching and maybe a painting!   Happy painting...

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  1. Bonnie, these two newest post really rock. The greens in the water fall scene are so beautiful---your skies are, too. You are so busy! And so enthustiastic! Love your work. I am still going out on site to paint and learn. Hope I get somewhere! Love your blog.