Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pastel Dust

"Portico"  pastel on Wallis

I finished a pastel that I have been working on for some time of the portico.. And when I look at this again, I see some refining points I will still do.  Darken the passageway on the right and brighten the sunlit wall a little more.
I have definitely decided to do the next series of "50 off the 90".  This is a pretty broad scope of opportunity since I didn't declare HOW far off of 90 I might extend my search for the places to paint!  I definitely got some great reference photos from my trek out in the hills on Thursday and they will be appreciated on the upcoming cold gray days that comes with January and February!  I painted outside yesterday in the balmy weather, but today that's not an option with it being drizzling and chilly.
My series will all be a similar, if not the same size...probably the 8x10 or 9x12 size.  This is to be again a learning and experimenting project and I may do the same composition in a couple of different ways to keep things interesting and that of a learning experience.  At times, I will ask my readers to take an image and paint it and then will post those...The lesson in that is to see different interpretations of the same subject.  That's something we can all learn don't be shy, send me some images of the the cliff and junipers that I posted a few days ago.  Email them to me or post them on comments if you can (I don't know if that is possible) is   I will get that one done soon and post it.

Planning on my Open Studio event...this year it will be focused on just paintings and prints.  We will rearrange the furnishings on the main floor of our home to be gallery like and hang lots of paintings on the walls.  Hours will be 10-4 Saturday and 10-3 Sunday Nov 19th and 20th.  It is a fun time that we invite people to come in and see the new work and have a cup of coffee and a treat.  It is the best of time!
So, if you are in the neighborhood of Walla Walla, WA...follow the "A" boards to 938 Mountain Park Drive and stop in, sit and have a cup of Joe and look at the paintings and most of all visit!

Back to the 50 of the goal is to complete this at least by mid year.  I am plotting on a car trip to New Mexico and painting there for an extended time.  If that all comes to would be a WHOLE 'nuther project to work through.  So with that said...I am heading to the studio to paint...Happy painting!

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  1. Hi Bonnie - I'm glad I "re-found" your blog. I'd seen a link to it somewhere months ago, perhaps on Soft Pastel News, and then couldn't find it again.

    Beautiful painting! Love the building colors contrasted with the green foliage and the detail of the flowers that don't overwhelm the composition.

    I'll look forward to following your new series of views from I-90, especially since I'm working on a road trip series myself in oils and pastels. Immersing oneself in a series is a great learning experience, as you already know!