Sunday, February 14, 2010

all in a day's work

The paintings came pretty easy today, so I just kept painting. Some interesting color combinations resulted. I am a little obsessed with snow scenes. Liked this one ok. Want to do one that is foggy. We know this should be easy because of the many days of foggy weather here every winter. And that dram might just be best played out with a camera and not a stick or two of pastel.
On Facebook today there was an ad for Jerry's Artorama. That a good place to buy supplies and they give some additional discounts to buyers who are on line with Facebook.

The paintings number to 42 now. So I should have close to if not the complete 100 by the time of the Willow show in Walla Walla and therefore plenty to chose from!
As a side note...Sommerset Studio publishes interesting magazines for artists...some are more fine craft in nature, some are for fabric art, stamping/scrapbook art, etc. Not too long ago they started publishing "Artful Blogging" a very interesting work that is dedicated to artists who blog and represent their art on their blog sites. It's generally a good read and helpful for art blogs. So with that said, I am going to sit down, watch a little of the Olympics and do a little "Artful Blogging"!
Happy painting...

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