Sunday, February 7, 2010

More little pictures...

The quest continues, inching toward the 100 number. I had a moment of panic, thinking I can't possibly get to 100 of these. But then I rationalised that 30+ are completed and they seemed to get finished without a lot of stress! For these I continued to use the Richeson pastels with the exception of the Sennelier #463. I like the Richeson pastels, how they lay down on the paper and their color. I have a small set of only 24, I believe, so there certainly may be more options with this brand than I am aware of. Again, with the Wallis paper, they work well.
There is a new post from articles in it. Do check it out...well done...hats off to Mario and his site.
I read a good article on composition and using the "golden mean" in painting. It was on a blog or a web site of a pastelist. I will share details at another time. In the meantime....happy painting...

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