Monday, May 24, 2010

More Dust...

With the completion of these images, I have reached 90 small works.  I intend to complete the 100 by the end of the month and I do think it will happen!  I had some fun playing with some really strong colors of oranges and yellows.  I also had a couple tiny frames that could use little paintings in them, so worked the really bright one in that horizontal format.  But the most fun was doing the twilight painting with some stars flickering in the sky.  How that one came about...I am sitting with my son and family in their living room in Miles City, MT and my spot faces a west window.  We were visiting and watching a movie about 930pm and I happen to look out the window at the last light of the day.  It was incredible!  The gradations of color in the sky could not be captured with a simple digital camera, but the image was imprinted on my brain.  At the horizon there was a pale greenish-yellow that gradually turned to a gray-blue and then almost a teal higher in the atmosphere.  A few stars twinkled and there was a sliver of a moon near the horizon.This little painting is close to what I saw, but the teal is not quite the same.  They call MT the "big sky country" and when you are out there in the plains, you can see forever and sometimes the night skies are really dramatic.  I always love to go out and look at the Milky Way when I go there because the intensity of it is so much greater than what I see in SE WA.  I am sure elevation plays a big part, but also the clearness of the air, I think.
All these little ones were done on the Wallis sanded paper and I used mostly the Diane Townsend pastels which are really brilliant. I like these pastels because of the grit in them and their ability to to be layered fairly easily. 
The next blog will take a detour from the series of 100 to a new for it!!!
happy painting...

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