Saturday, May 29, 2010

More pastel dust...

I can see the finish line from here!  With the completion of these paintings, the number is now at 95. 
I have varied my size of the images a little, using scraps of paper and form board.  The top two were done on Wallis and the snow, the dark and the autumn with black undertone were all done on black Canson paper.  The pastels were mostly Unison and Diane Townsend.  With the Canson paper I also used some Nu pastels after the softer Unison and D. Townsend ones.  I like to create texture with using the hard pastels in a burnishing manner in certain areas of the painting and then leaving some of the color of the paper coming thru to give a sense of a path or trail.  The DT pastels work well with the Canson paper, particularly the Terrage' ones because of their grit.  I've said this before, but worth repeating because it makes using the Canson paper easier and the results are interesting and easy to come up with.
The end of the month brings the Willow show to a close.  It was a good show and some things sold.  A fabulous artist, Katherine Treffinger from Cove, OR will be part of the mix of June-July artists at Willow and I encourage people to stop in and see the show. 
The middle of next week I go to Joseph, OR to the  Wallowa Valley Festival of the Arts and take part in the plein air event, the quick draw and the  juried show.  It is a favorite show.  One hopes for great weather because of the plein air events, but it will be what it is and regardless of the weather, it will be a great time!
Tomorrow I am going to paint on some pastelbord.  I haven't painted on it before, but my friend Denise swears by it, so I am giving it a try...
I am planning by the end of the weekend to have finished the series of 100....that's my goal, anyway!  So in the meantime...happy painting!

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  1. dwoolley@charter.netMay 30, 2010 at 9:33 AM

    100-impressive! Congrats:) I can't imagine that many little Bonnie treasures all in a row - wow! Steve and I are taking my pieces over to Wallowa on Tuesday. I'm sorry to say that we probably won't get back over to see the hung show. Good luck in the plein air event.