Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More chalk dust

Ok, so it really isn't "chalk", but it is dusty!
I finished #55 this morning early and decided to move most of the series to a piece of foamcore - really just to be able to photograph a large number of the paintings in a single frame. Part of these will go to Willow; perhaps some will go to Feast of Walla Walla in April, hopefully a couple to the NWPS show and maybe another show in Seattle as well in later April.
Tomorrow, before the sun comes up I will be working on the art for the Whitman's dance production...first the poster...I have some good ideas to get on paper...
happy painting!


  1. Your "goal is to persuade the viewer to "step into" the painting and wander around and take in the temperature, the smells, the color that is expressed there."

    Congratulations! I think you've nailed it! These are wonderful paintings. I grew up in the west and your atmospheric landscapes take me back to the days I spent on MY horses when I was free range kid!