Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Pastel Dust

I have been working on the Whitman College Dance Production poster and finished it yesterday "The Muses of Apollo and She Who Remembers" production. I am certain this production will transcend beautifully from accient Greek mythology to the Anastazi culture...I have heard bits of the music and it is fantastic!

The piece that I finished yesterday - one that will most likely go to the Willow Show at month end is posted. I wanted to give the viewer the sense of space, the differences of one side of a stream to another; one harvested, the other wild and a fence that meanders.
The other piece with the road is a demo that I did on a piece of Canson paper at the Pendleton workshop. It requires talking and working on a piece when you demo. That adds a element of challenge. I don't think about talking when I am working in my studio, alone with music or not...So I try to lay out my thoughts in words to teach when I demo and work through a painting.
The weather is incredible...I may be moving to plein air sooner than later...I have all the doors wide open now to enjoy the warmth of the sunny days.
With that said, it's time to go to the studio and do some work...
happy painting!

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