Wednesday, March 24, 2010

more pastel dust

number 56,57,58,59. As I had promised, I toned Wallis paper with pastel and alcohol wash and then layered that with the pan pastels. The result is better than previous experience, but I did highlight some with some Sennelier as a finish. I noticed that the Pans looked beautiful on smooth newsprint though, when cleaning the applicator! I do like some of the brilliant color...the blue is intense. I do like the softness they give.
In addition to putting some of the small studies in the Willow Show in Walla Walla and the Cafe Utza show in Miles City, I will have some framed for the Feast of Walla Walla event on April 10. I was happy that Jennifer invited me again to participate in that event.
I started painting the "statues" for The Ancients production that is Idalee Hutson Fish"s brainchild and is directing. The statues are 24" cylinders cut 6 feet in lenth and then I am painting "Muses" (the 9 Muses of Apollo likensses) on them. 3 are done and are gracing my studio. It's sort of cool to walk thru the upright 6 foot half cylinders all painted black, awaiting their own Muse to appear. I have some of the muses sketched out on the cylinders awaitng the paint application and long with the 3 that are painted...So now, I must attend my Muses and leave some time to at least get #60 done in the series of small landscapes...
happy painting!

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  1. This is a wonderful exercise and a great series. Makes me think I ought to try pastels. It is very clear to me that I know very little about the technique and process.