Saturday, April 3, 2010

More dust

When work has a time line associated with it, other projects get to go into a holding pattern, so to speak. I had a deadline of April 4 to complete my work for the Whitman College Dance production "The Ancients". I love to do sets and posters for Idalee and her productions, so I never say no I don't have time. And this production sounded so fun to work on. I was right...the work bridges ancient history of Greek mythology and the Anasazi Indians. The poster illustrated both Muses of Apollo and a dancer of Native American heritage. It's printed with a black boarder that feathers into the illustration. My next task was to do a backdrop scene from ancient Greece. Got that done; also one of Native American cliff dwellings. Next,the sets...6 feet tall half cylinders, each 24 inches wide...nine...each to be a "statue" of one of the Muses of Apollo. They were fun to create; each with their own personality. As each was finished I stood them up in the garage so that when you walked out into the garage you had to walk amongst the Muses! The production is April 9-10 and I am anxious to see how my Muses look on stage as they come out in darkness with only spotlights and then each Muse comes to life and a dancer emerges and does a routine...
Come to the show!!\
My series of 100 progresses with 4 more images completed now numbering 63. 10 of these are in the Willow show which opened last night. Several have gone to the galleries in Newport and Yachats and to Cafe Utza in Miles City for a show. some have sold. Someone said they want all the ones in MC...we will see.
These latest ones were done with a variety of pastels. My last trip to Dakota Arts gifted me some new pastels that I had not tried before...Great Americans and a landscape set of diane townsend. Like them both. I should have some more completed yet this weekend. I can see 100 getting completed fairly soon. good thing...I have a lot of obligations to meet; new work to Kelly's in Joseph; 6-7 pieces to Big Fish in Bellingham, things for Grantwood Winery for spring release. and a few more of the small works will go to some of these places...
Easter tomorrow and if the weather is good I want to take a drive to Palouse Falls and shoot some reference photos. I want to paint the falls and also down river from the falls of the for now...happy painting!

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