Thursday, April 15, 2010

pastel dust

One more in the series of 100 is added using a lot of reds and purple. I did one more tiny sketch on a scrap piece of Wallis that is about 3x4 inches; maybe smaller...very simple just trees with the purples, reds and orange hues. I liked it enough to put it in a tiny little frame. No image of it yet.
I am workingon some pieces to go to Big Fish in Bellingham the end of next week and ones for Kelly's in Joseph as well. I have a couple of larger ones completed - photos on the next post. I grumble a little at myself - when I am working small it is so much easier to be nice and loose with the pastel; but when I work large, the painting takes on a more realistic appearance. Maybe I need to work with my left hand only!

I included a couple of shots of the Willow show on this post. It was a very nice evening and just looking at them again brings good memories of a very fun show with all the variety of 5 different artists! The 60-something mini is posted as well as a new piece that I am pretty happy with. I used a reference photo from my trip to the Oregon coast in mid March.
The Cafe Utza show is hanging. If anyone ventures into southeastern Montana into the burg of Miles City, a must do is having coffee and pastry at Cafe' Utza. You get a dynamite, bold brew and some wonderful pastry of the day and then on their rich red walls they hang art from cables. Several of the minis and some larger landscapes are hanging there for next couple of months. My son Chris is a banker in Miles City and found this little gem of a coffee house and since he is the self proclaimed "art marketer", he set up the show! Next month we will go to MC to do an art event sponsored by the Art and Heritage Center there...a quick draw...and it is the quickest of quick draws. One half an hour to complete a painting/drawing and another 10 minutes to frame it. I love a challenge! Trust me that my paper will be no larger than 9x12 inches!
If you haven't already, check out the fan page "Bonnie Griffith Landscape Artist" on Facebook...also another fan page is the Northwest Pastel Society page...that's one that will post shows, meetings, events, etc for the NWPS. Anyone interested in and working in pastels might find this page worth a book mark as well.
More minis are brewing...the pastel dust is accumulating!

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