Sunday, April 18, 2010

atmosphere and pastel dust

There is nothing like the spring skies when the days are hot and then late in the day the storm clouds come in. Here the storms come from the west typically and you can see them coming a long way away...from the Pendleton Blues the sky grows darker and darker. so a lot of painitngs I do of the Blue Mountains with stormy skies, you can see the storm coming from the west...And that was the name of a painting I did for the Pendleton Center for the Arts show a couple of years ago. One painting posted today, of the highway heading toward the mountains is the old Immigrant Road that takes you to to St Andrews Mission and then circuitously up the mountains to the top of Cabbage Hill on I-84. It's a great spot next to the mountains where the mission sits. The mission school is now the Crow Shadow Institute of the Arts where some absolutely incredible print making takes place under the direction of Frank's where I learned about monoprints and some basic printing skills.
A day yesterday was spent at Bennington Lake, painting with Carlyrae, John, Jeff and Mark - bunch of pastelists who share the love of plein air painting and just getting out and having some good conversation and painting.
Today will get me out in outdoors again to paint and maybe late afternoon a quick trip around the area for some reference shots. No camera yesterday at the lake...
more work on the small series of 100 today...
happy painting and enjoying the beautiful spring!

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