Sunday, April 25, 2010

looking through the dust...pastel dust, that is...

Completing these 4 images brings me to 72 small works. These were all completed on the Wallis paper with a variety of soft pastels and some Nupastels for detail.
I attended the Northwest Pastel Society member's show on Friday at the Blue Horse Gallery in Bellingham. The show was great - excellent variety and style to make an interesting show. Details of the show will be able to seen after the first part of May on the NPS fan page on Facebook and on the NPS website. Our board is now working on the International Pastel Show that we host - this year Nov-Dec at the Schack Art Center in Everett. The online entries are due by the 9th of August. The Schack Center (new)is being built now and this show should be the first in the new building! Encouraging pastelists from near and far to submit to this show as this will be a premier event, it is certain to draw lots of attendees from the Northwest.
We are going to Montana in a few weeks and I will participate in a Quick Draw event. It is a very quick draw...1/2 hour to complete. I need to practice! I have in my mind what I am going to paint; now I need to perfect a half an hour time! That's a goal today - work on my "time trial"!
I am going to try to have the series of 100 finished by the middle of May. I think it is achieveable now that I have rounded the corner of 70! keep an eye out the final drawings and happy painting...

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