Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Carolyn and Me
The first weekend of the Open House was a good success. I am hopeful that weekend 2 will bring more visitors yet! I had good feedback from visitors. Dave put the dates on the website as well.

Kate is out of the hospital tonight after complications with outpatient surgery yesterday. Whew! Carolyn got here last night and it was great to see her smiling face at the airport! I am looking forward to a week with her. Tomorrow we are taking some art out to Saviah Cellars to prepare for the Winter Barrel Tasting weekends Dec 6-7. (there will also be work hanging at Whitman Cellars [new stuff was put up a couple of weeks ago]).

I need to visit with Damon and Ceil at Luscious about the December show as well...

I was playing with some oil pastels today and using a palette knife...heating the knife and moving the pigment around with it creates a whole different look. Very interesting. I have a new miniature using this technique and more coming!

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