Thursday, November 20, 2008

I just finished the tile coasters. I used art stamps and the StazOn inks and then coated them carefully with a spray clear coat. The trick is several "light" sprays so you don't get runs in the inks.
I have been in the studio and came up stairs and it's raining...hope it gets over with for the weekend!
I made a bunch of handmade greeting cards. Several designs for the holidays and then some basic greeting cards.
This morning I met Rossi from Walla Walla Artist's Alliance and picked up some sets of the postcards. I will have those for sale at the open house.
Les got the track lights up last night and they are great. They illuminate the walls really nicely.
Need to get back in the studio and do some more work. I have 5 more art print cards designs printed and they look good! They are of the latest pastel paintings.

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