Wednesday, November 19, 2008

walla walla pastel artist

We have 50 paintings hanging! The smallest is 3x5" and the largest is 3x5'! And...lots in between.

The dogs can't figure out what is going on with all the moving stuff around and hammering. I think they must be thinking we are moving. They are getting daily outings with either Les or I when we run errands and that is a big hit.

I am working on cards today and some tiles for coasters. I am using the "Staz-on" inks and imprinting the tiles with stamp art then a light spray of sealer. They turn out very cool. I put felt "bumpers" on them for feet so they protect the table surface they sit on. There's a specialty shop here that carries these, and they sell for $22/ea! MUCH better prices at the show this weekend!!
I had more art print cards printed; new images. Saw the prototypes last night and they looked good. I will also have a few 5x7 and 8x10 images of some paintings printed. I am looking for things that I can take out to Saviah Cellars for barrel tasting as well...and I think some little prints will be good. The WW Artist's Alliance has very cool post cards for sale (will have some here for my open houses and also at Saviah). There are 15 different images from 15 artists and they sell for $17.95.
I had an email from Betty, my sister, today and she does these awesome wreaths and things; also does these great metal art year she is going to be part of the show....Hope you read this Bets! In case I forget to tell ya
I'm off to the studio to work...

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