Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A beautiful thing is never perfect...

So goes the story of the 100 small paintings...they may not be perfect, but they are a learning process; some are nice little landscapes and some are interesting landscapes and some - I am not sure...Some interesting notes...Some colors really look wonderful together that I hadn't really used before...there is a burgandy that I layed over a cerelian blue and blended it...added a little lavender...it's a wonderful color...you see it in one of the skies. I am posting three images today which brings me to 15. That's a good number to have completed...on the way to 30, then 45, then...it's a do-able project!
I used some Wallis paper and some black Canson and then I had some paper that was already painted on and I decided to crop the painting. I chopped off a good part of the sky and have enough of that left to be used as I can with this project. So the former sky becomes an underpainting...it's on Moonstone Canson paper, so there isn't a huge amount of pastel that I can lay on the paper...but why not see what that comes to be! This sky with the burgandy is quite interesting...I have a couple of ideas for future paintings as a result of this one. Also to note is how the mountains or hills in the background take a different "distance" to their look with the utilization of a different color. The green hills appear quite close behind the trees while the dense blue mountains really look to be off in the distance.

I have put some of my work on Imagekind.com. It seems to be a well organized and user friendly site for artists to promote their work. Imagekind allows buyers to select an image, make it the size they want, select their frame and mat and voila! their painting is ready to be paid for and shipped. It's all print work- both paper and canvas are available as well as greeting cards. My site is bonniegriffith.imagekind.com. Simple enough and lots of options for buyers if they are interested in print art. I have seen some of the work from this site and it appears to be good quality.

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