Monday, January 11, 2010

a daily dose

Another daily dose of a variation of the landscape. Not particularly a favorite; but a color combination nonetheless. I love to look at the variations of the skies that Albert Handell and Elizabeth Mawry do. Bold, unusual...oh, but I have seen those colors!!
Looking into the art walk in Sand Point for 2010-at least I have done as much as requested an application...which is the biggest step!
I am also including in this blog one of the demo pieces I did at the workshop this weekend. A couple of the students had purchased prints of Ochre Fields and were wanting to understand how that painting was accomplished. So...we painted some trees and brushy fields with a hint of snow not yet melted.
Life is good when there is art in it, I must say :-)

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  1. Good for you, Bonnie. I know you will be stunned at how simple applying for ArtWalk will be. I suppose the hardest part is choosing which art to feature with the application. Maybe easier for you than me since your work is more unified than mine. I think you have an excellent chance at making it in.