Saturday, January 30, 2010

Remedy for a foggy day...

The best remedy for a foggy day is to get out of it! Get out of the fog!! So one can typically get in the car and drive toward Pendleton or Dayton and be out of the fog in 20 minutes or so...or you can head to the studio and paint greener pastures!

Before I moved to SE WA, fog was a novelty. When the fog rolled in, it was mysterious, eerie...but when one lives some place where the fog can be an everyday occurrence in the winter...not so much a novelty. Fortunately, we have not had too much this winter and it seems to lift midday, unlike the first year I lived here and there were 28 days of serious fog. Wow. It is a good day to paint!

I was online yesterday and went to the site. Graciously, they have included an image of mine on their site - thank you very much...BUT...the real reason to bring this site up again is to AGAIN tell you this is a wonderful site....there is a ton of info there, plus inspiration and on and on. It is the best. It has learning tools; link to books, and on and on.

More painting today.

Another note - the local Hospice fund raiser is next week. I just about always donate a piece to that and this year as well. The September Trees (above) will be auctioned this year and we hope it will garner a significant amount for the good of the order. Also will work with M'Lisse and Lauri on their auction item...a vineyard dinner and a plein air demo and subsequent quick draw painting that I will do while the recipients dine in a local, private vineyard on some delectable treats prepared by Lauri and M'Lisse.

Happy painting....

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