Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Room With A View...or should I say A Field...

I am getting the paintings done, but not always imaged and something penned on the blog each day. For the time being I am tacking the little pastel series up on the wall in the studio aka the garage and it is getting to be the room with a view of all those little fields and mountains in a different light.

So today I decided to use the best ever paper for pastels - Wallis. Sometimes I wonder why one even works with other paper, but then I go back to the reason of - occasionally one wants a different effect than can be created with Wallis. It is my most favored paper - the pastels always look crisp and rich and brilliant. My next favorite paper is the Art Spectrum Colorfix paper. I love the colors they are primed with. Although the amount of abuse one can inflict on that paper is not nearly the same that Wallis can withstand. Abuse, I say...well, lots of layers, some workable fix here and there and the building of some texture to the painting....that where Wallis shines.

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