Saturday, January 16, 2010


So the painting today is the meadow at twilight. There is that magical time of day when the colors are sort of surreal and mysterious and when you add a few trees and mountains, etc you can pretty soon conjure up a story in your mind that can actually scare you....what's in the trees? did you hear that? what was that? Make you turn your tail and run for your secure safe place wherever that is! Reminds me as a kid on our ranch...the darkness held some degree of fear and to have to walk to the barns and corrals from the house which was probably about 3 blocks or so in urban terms...took about all the nerve a kid could muster up. And always there was something, usually on the way back to the house that caused the adrenalin to kick into high gear and I could sprint to the house in record time. whew! I am sure there was Nothing there and the idea that "something" was out there and about to chase me and who knows what was the result of my great imagination ! Now I enjoy being out in the late evening and see what happens to color and thus far nothing has jumped out and nabbed me and chewed off my left arm!

This painting was again done on a small piece of Wallis paper...absolutely essential for good dramatic skies and all that to let your imagination go wild!

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