Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the series continues...

Two more images in the series of _ _ _ ?100??? The gold tones was fun to do and it radiates with the warmth of the colors. When I did the red and yellow, I felt like I was maybe looking thru some sort of filter...almost a negative in a sense. The monochromatic golds I liked the best. I am thinking of what I will do next and for the Willow show where I will hang a collection of these. And how many... I am thinking 5x7 inch frames and images of 3x5.
A new blog that may show some of the It is a GREAT site with a ton of reference and postings of wonderful art biased toward the pastel painting folks! Lots of links, etc. Check it out.
I was looking at Idaho Beauty's blog and reading some I hadn't read before...seeing some postcards made of fabric...wonderful work - art. I am the proud owner of one and it sits on my desk at work to be complimented on by visitors. Fabric art is quite wonderful. Allied Arts in TriCities had a quilt show in January that looked stunning. I am afraid to step into those quilting stores...I sense it could be a whole new addition in the art world!!
So for now I will concentrate on my landscape series and begin working on some larger pieces for the Willow show in April/May and others beyond.
happy painting....

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  1. I blush...but am happy the little postcard is being enjoyed by many. I should get busy and make more. You are right about getting too close to us quilters and our materials - we jokingly warn of quilt pox!

    These are wonderful colors - the red one does give that feeling of a photo with filter. Such a contrast to the drab view outside my window.