Saturday, January 30, 2010

Its about color!

It is about color. I am really liking doing this series for what it teaches you about color and details...and more. I am working quite small...3x5 about. So I have a minute space to say what I want to! #24 and 25 are completed. Also finished a hay bales. I am intrigued with the big round bales. Where I live you see the round bales of straw from the harvested wheat fields; in parts of OR and MT I see them in hay - so when the field is freshly cut, the bales are still the beautiful green as is the clipped alfalfa or grass. Put that together with evening colors in the sky and you can literally get a feel for the smell of the freshing cut hay; sense the warm summer evening and view another killer sunset that rises to immense beauty with the dusty air. That's my goal with this painting - get those senses going crazy in that vast openness of a MT hay field with one of the Square Butte ranges in the background absorbing the late afternoon warmth.

enjoy the paintings...and at a milestone with the series...#25!

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