Saturday, January 9, 2010

a painterly weekend...

Yesterday and today new paintings have emerged from the series I am doing....but no digital images yet.

I am spending the weekend teaching a workshop on pastel technique to an incredible great bunch of ladies. They are a wonderful group to work with 0 receptive, energetic, great senses of humor and on and on. With any luck I will have convinced them to do the series of paintings as well! I love to teach - it makes me work hard at doing good demos and to put forth information to individuals who want to learn new things is a very rewarding experience. The studio at Bambi's is sits out near fields and ponds and creeks with wild turkeys (well not so wild, I think, because Bambi feeds them, I am pretty sure!) meandering all over the yard and fields. I am looking forward to returning there tomorrow and work again in that surround.
Today's image is not one of the series, but one that I did repeatedly on 5 kinds of paper to demonstrate the different look with each paper. And when I step back and look at them, I think the best look was on the Wallis paper. I did not do this little painting, however, on the ColorFix paper...I think it would have looks nearly the same as the Wallis. So I am thinking that the white Wallis paper really lends itself to clean and crisp paintings.
More tomorrow...

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