Sunday, January 24, 2010

A pastel a day...

It is very easy to get out and paint...but its a little harder to get things in print. So I do the best I can with that! This week I got some good painting in. I decided to use the Wallis paper. It is a dream to work on. I also decided to use exclusive Sennilier pastels for this weeks work. I used the landscape plein aire series of pastels. Man, these are fabulous colors to work with. You have a great selction of earth and green tones, good blues, and more...I used some workable fix in places, especially the big tree to create some depth. I like how it looks when pastel is applied to the fixed area while it is just a tad wet. It creates a a nearly 3D look when the undercoat is a dark color... great for leaves.

The NorthWestGalleryCollection publication is soon to released and mailed. I submitted a page to it and was pleased with the results. This publication has a large database of addresses throughout several states. Anyone wanting info about this, shoot me an email or contact Dani at I believe this could be a great marketing tool.
For now...happy painting to all you artists; happy looking to all you art lovers!

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