Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Painting a Day for better or worse

from left to right : pan pastel test; daily landscape III; Storms Come From the West
It's a gray, high fog day and one that is god to beside working on projects and not really knowing what it looks like outside. Some good music going and a little creating in the studio...

Number III of the landscape series is done - a little different in all tones of reds...BUT I do have some news about work published on the You can go to and see "Storms Come From the West" in their fall landscape section.

I tried some of the new Pan Pastels for fun. Worked on a little landscape with some cows (attached) on a piece of 400# Arches watercolour paper. Using the blending tools was a new concept as opposed to my finger, but my general impression is that these are a fun medium. They are less dusty it seems than the sticks and I am now going to try them on a piece of Art Spectrum paper that is more smooth, but has a tooth that is great for pastels. I may actually do my next "daily landscape" with the pans. I have heard the the pan pastels can be used successfully going from light to dark as well as the conventional dark to light and not end up with a muddy appearance. More on that later.

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  1. Really like the Storms one - no big surprise, I suppose! I owe you an e-mail...take pity on me, I was very sick all of December. Now I'm trying to be "disciplined" and spend less time on the computer.